A tattoo artist shares a video of Cardi B getting her face inked

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Posted on: 18 Aug, 2022

A new tattoo appears to have appeared on Cardi B's face! During the tattoo process, the 'Up' rapper, 29, shared video footage of himself working on her jawline with a tattoo artist named Robinson De Los Santos.

A blue towel is placed against Cardi's face during the clip as De Los Santos uses red ink to focus on his work.' Cardi B, work today,' was his caption for the 13-second video that he posted.

A fan page for Cardi was able to capture a selfie of him and Cardi a couple of hours later, which he later shared on social media. Because some of the tattoos are hidden by her hair, it is not clear what the tattoo reads.

In addition to the Grammy-winning musician, many others have recently debuted face tattoos. Earlier this month, Drake, 35, apparently got his first face tattoo, which features the initials of his mother Sandra 'Sandi' Gayle Graham.

In an Instagram post, he shared an extreme close-up of the new tattoo underneath his left eye, which reads 'SG' in lowercase English script. There was simply a caption at the top of the page that read, 'Sandra Gale.'

As part of this month's tattoos, Kanye West and Lil Uzi Vert also got matching tattoos. An Instagram photo shared by Lacy showed off the trio's identical tattoos.

As they hold their arms out in the photo, their new tattoos are visible just above their elbows on the inside of their arms. The tattoo artist, who also posted the photo, was taking a mirror selfie on her phone while posing with the musicians.

Two different fonts are used in the tattoos, each reading 'We here forever technically.'

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