06 Jan, 2023


A suspect has been arrested after reportedly breaking into Billie Eilish's childhood home

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As per the reports

According to various sources, a man thought to have broken into singer-songwriter Billie Eilish's childhood home has been arrested and is in custody.

Media Credits: Metro UK

Entered the Highland Park house

According to the sources, the unnamed suspect leapt over a fence surrounding the property and entered the Highland Park house at roughly 9:16 p.m. local time Thursday evening.

Media Credits: People

Owning a House

According to KABC reporter Chris Cristi, Eilish's parents now own the home, which is located in a community along North Avenue 57.

Media Credits: Metro UK

The culprit was arrested at 9:31 p.m.

Photos and videos from the location indicate a strong police presence, including several helicopters.

Media Credits: HelloGiggles

Details were unclear

It is unclear whether the 'Bad Guy' singer or her parents were present at the time of the incident. Several people have contacted Eilish and commented on her most recent social media post, inquiring about her status.

Media Credits: People

The information about the suspect has not been disclosed

At this time, no other information regarding the suspect has been revealed.

Media Credits: Metro UK

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