A song that his girlfriend inspired is revealed by 'American Idol' star Noah Thompson

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Posted on: 13 Aug, 2022

Noah Thompson stood out from the very start of the American Idol 2022 season. Despite this, he didn't make a name for himself on the ABC show until he performed a cover of Rihanna's 'Stay.'

In this interview, the singer reveals how that cover came to be known to the world. During the top 24 contestants on American Idol back in April, there was quite a bit of drama.

The R&B song fit Noah's performance like a glove after he had just completed a shaky duet. I would never normally sing this song, but it reminds me of home since it is a song I and my girlfriend Angel would sing together,' Noah said at the time.

The fact that I can sing that song shows me how versatile I am. It might be what the judges are looking for.' I hoped that was what they would want to see.'

Noah was moved up to the next round of American Idol by Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, and Lionel Richie's country rendition. It appears, however, that the Kentucky native was not interested in performing it.

The Mountain Citizen newspaper reported that the song was submitted by Arthur, one of America's best friends, as an online audition for American Idol 2022. In June 2021, months before Noah appeared on Idol, the cover was also posted on his TikTok account.

Since the producers knew I could sing that, they approached me with the question, ‘Well, why don’t you sing that? As he explained, he wasn't interested in singing that song at all because he barely knew it. 'I just had to learn it as I went.'

Noah stated: 'But once I mastered that part, I think people enjoyed hearing me sing a song like that. Because of that, they thought it would be good to make an entire country version after the show ended.'

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