A Series of Detoxes Provides Kristin Cavallari with a Spiritual and Emotional Healing

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Posted on: 13 Dec, 2022

Valuable time

The Mexican experience is proving life-changing for Kristin Cavallari. During a trip to Los Barriles with her best friend and hairstylist, Justin Anderson, a slideshow of photos has been posted by the 35-year-old former Very Cavallari star.

Experiencing the real life

Despite being single, and Justin just being a friend, she wrote, 'Ok, but for real, I've never experienced anything better than this trip.'

Kristin's detox moment

During the 4-day detox, we went to Mexico, and even though I have detoxed physically before, I had never detoxed emotionally and spiritually before.

Stunning outfit of Kristin

She also showed off her white bikini and some stunning oceanfront views in the post, which included a photo of her and Anderson dressed in tie-dye shirts that read, 'No Bad Days.'

Kristin's travel experience

She continues, 'I've been on this trip for nearly three months, and I've never been more connected to myself. I have learned that comparison is the thief of joy even when it comes to experiences.'

Enjoying the new change

In looking at your experience, I'm taking myself out of my own and trying to learn from it. This is just the beginning of a big spiritual journey for me. My life is going to be different when I return home.'

A great comeback

The Uncommon James founder shared her fitness journey on her Instagram account in June, revealing how far she has come.

Looking at the past

Amidst extreme stress at the time, Cavallari mentioned she could not recognize the girl in the other two throwback photos.

Caption for the picture

Despite being a mom, she thinks she should be confident and comfortable in her skin, so she wrote in the caption, 'I work out really hard and am committed to a healthy lifestyle.'

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