A rumor about Peter was started by Wendy Osefo, according to Gizelle Bryant

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Posted on: 12 Dec, 2022

Speaking out is Bryant's goal

Amid drama following Wendy Osefo's allegations that Gizelle Bryant once had an affair with Real Housewives of Atlanta alumni, Peter Thomas, Gizelle Bryant is speaking out against the gossip.

Astonishment at the event

In a recent interview with The Grio, Gizelle describes her excitement over the occurrence of a story about her alleged involvement with Peter.

The investigation into Peter began

Wendy's ex-husband, for the moment Wendy's business practices concerning her restaurant venture with Peter came under scrutiny.

It will have profound effects

After Mia Thornton threw a drink at Wendy’s college professor, Gizelle addressed her altercation with Wendy. She said the incident will profoundly affect the group.

Several ladies argued

A situation in which multiple ladies argued ended in disaster in the RHOP star's 'Burn Session.'.

Do not remember each other

Then we'll trash each other and forget about each other. I'm like, Who does that? Gizelle laughed.

Having a conversation

The way they hadn't really shown this, but Robyn and I, especially Robyn, were very much saying to each other, and it made me wonder what they were actually saying.

Her dispute was discussed by Gizelle

Additionally, Gizelle discussed her dispute with Candiace after the 'Burn Session' by telling the aspiring singer that Candiace's husband closed the door to the private room leaving her alone.

As a matter of emotion

In order to talk to Candiace, I try to talk to her from an emotional standpoint, she said. 'I talk directly to her, and I try not to upset her too much, but that didn't work.'

Her curiosity was piqued

It didn't matter, I just told her what I thought she needed to know about her husband and she got upset anyhow.

Taking pictures in Thailand

In the wake of Real Housewives: Ultimate Girls Trip's season three, Candiace and Gizelle joined the show and began filming in Thailand as soon as the show was over.

Several dramas were revealed

Candiace loves to play the victim, so she'll hold onto this until the wheels fall off, according to Gizelle, who revealed that some drama did indeed follow them across the ocean.

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