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A Relationship Timeline On Matthew Rutler and Christina Aguilera

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Christina Aguilera

The relationship between Matthew Rutler and Christina Aguilera has been appealing for over an era. The songstress, 'Fighter,' began connecting with the Masterclass executive in 2012 after approval of her divorce from Bratman.

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Christina's Breakup

The former pairs wedded in 2005 but declared the breakup in October 2012 from US Weekly as 'they've been torn apart for a few months. Christina said in a previous relationship, 'our bond changed. I grow like a woman, and he as a person. We both are different in looking for things. We needed to be right with each other.

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Unhealthy Things for Christina & Bratman

Christina added, 'I don't want to stay another five years together. I've wasted that time. Things were unhappy and unhealthy for Bratman and me, and I knew I had to end it. It was not good for my son, Max, who witnessed our daily arguments. I'd gone through extreme anxiety.

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Christina & Rutler In late 2010

The divorce of the Grammy winner was concluded in February 2011, and her bond with Rutler went viral in late 2010. She said, 'There's love out there. I am now dating, and it is something that I'd not felt for a long time. Rutler is a kind person. I can spend hours talking to him over the phone.

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Special Relationship

Insiders told the US in 2012 that the bond between Christina and Matthew converted into a special relationship. She gushed about his self-esteem and support issues and said, 'I've been facing my highs and lows. I blocked out repeatedly. But now, I love my body and my boyfriend, also. My son is happy and healthy. It's all that matters to me.

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Rutler and Christina Engaged on Valentine's Day

After four years of their romance, Rutler and Christina engaged in 2014 on Valentine's Day. The duos welcomed their first daughter, Summer Rain, in the same year, and it seems to Christina that her Summer would be a Joy as she illuminates and lights up their room with happiness and brightness.

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The duo's met in 2010

The couple met at the movie set of Burlesque in 2010, where Rutler worked as an assistant. They've no marriage plans at the moment and feel happy about what they're doing now

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Christina was arrested in 2011

In 2011, Christina was arrested for public alcoholism in March when she was found in a car with Rutler. The Los Angeles spokesperson, Steve Whitemore, stated, 'she'd no desire to impeach, calling a public safety concern' of her arrest.'

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