A Rehearsal Is an Anxiety Person's Dream by Nathan Fielder

By FactsWow Team

Posted on: 18 Aug, 2022

The Rehearsal, a critically acclaimed HBO series that offers hope to anxious viewers, features Nathan Fielder of Nathan For You once again.

HBO's The Rehearsal premiered last night, bringing television's most awkward meta-comic back for a second season. Nathan Fielder returns with his soft-spoken advice for the underdogs of the real world after abruptly ending his previous program, Nathan For You. 

With HBO's budget, a warehouse, and as many actors as Craigslist will provide, Fielder is taking his signature technique even further to prepare real people for life's biggest moments. 

An era marked by anxiety cannot help but feel particularly relevant during this comedy dynamite. By creating a controlled environment, Fielder helps real people rehearse an important moment over and over again on The Rehearsal. 

In addition to a to-scale replica of the building, they will be in, actors who are near-duplicates of their loved ones are on hand as well as Fielder's trademark brand of 'help.' 

During the premiere, Fielder prepared a man to reveal to a close friend that he had been lying to her for over twelve years about having a master's degree. 

Fielder's assistance appears to benefit the man, who has a successful conversation in which he feels confident and in control thanks to Fielder's assistance. 

The two end up on better terms than ever after his friend accepts him for who he is. One of the most surprising aspects of The Rehearsal is how deeply it strikes after the laughter has subsided. 

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