A new relationship is not the time to surprise your loved ones with gifts

By FactsWow Team

Posted on: 08 Dec, 2022

New Relationship!

A new relationship can be hard as it often requires balancing the line between interested and aloof. The process of getting to know about new things can be fun and challenging.

Gifting season!

If it's the holiday season, birthday time, or else, you have been dating for a small amount of time. It takes time to decide whether to give a gift or not.

Feels awkward!

In a new relationship, gift-giving is a bit awkward because you don’t know if they will give you in return. Giving a gift is not about expecting something in return.

Avoid the wrong gift!

Straying from a gift may look like committing too fast. Gifting jewelry can be mistaken as a portrait or something serious.

Avoid impersonal gifts!

In a new relationship, you can avoid impersonal gifts like gift cards, Kitchen items, flowers, chocolates, and re-gifted items. It indicates a lack of effort and time.

Unwanted pressure!

Gifting any type of scrapbook and framed photo can create serious and unwanted pressure on the relationship.

Try to give a unique gift!

Maintain a new relationship on a good path; try gifting comic books or themed packages of gifts, and the gifts can be practical to their daily life.

Thank You!

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