A marvelous birthday tribute by Liam Hemsworth to his 'perfect' brother Chris Hemsworth

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Posted on: 12 Aug, 2022

Hemsworth celebrated Chris Hemsworth's 39th birthday by hilariously trolling him on Instagram as he celebrated his brother's birthday. In a social media post dated Aug.

11, the Hunger Games actor shared a picture that he had taken from a time when the siblings had participated in some winter activities and the Thor star ended up with snow on his beard as a result.

Liam captioned the picture, 'Happy birthday @chrishemsworth.'. 'None of the changes you make will make you better. Love you.'

However, Chris will be able to reunite with Liam on his birthday in January.

He joked 'hopefully this will be the year you finally get in shape and start taking care of yourself' in a shirtless photo of Liam when he turned 32 earlier this year, giving him an app discount as a 'family discount.'

Birthdays aren't the only occasion for friendly rivalry. It was 'always great interacting with my fans,' Chris teased last December when he posted a picture of the brothers holding hands.

Liam also posted a picture in 2015 of himself drawing on Chris' cover in Vanity Fair (a little payback for when Chris doodled over his Men's Health cover a few days earlier).

In 2019, Liam told GQ Australia that Chris is his hero. I trust Chris' opinion more than anyone on my team. Whenever I'm not sure about a script, he's my last resort.

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