A Look At Matt Roloff, The Man Accused Of Ruining His Family In Little People, Big World 6

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Posted on: 07 Aug, 2022

According to some Little People, Big World viewers, Matt Roloff may have damaged his relationship with his family as a result of his excessive greed. Throughout the last few seasons, Little People, Big World star Matt Roloff has become the show's villain as a result of his bad decisions. It appears that Matt hasn't been the best team player over the years.

Now, fans are paying attention to all the problems he may have caused. Matt has always been a complicated man, who often flys too close to the sun in terms of his creative ideas. Although he has made a lot of money from his ideas, Matt has also hurt a few of his personal relationships.

During the course of 23 seasons, TLC viewers watched Matt and Amy Roloff's marriage fall apart, leaving the couple bitter and unhappy. The couple eventually divorced, navigating their new lives with new spouses. It has taken Matt 23 seasons to learn to compromise when it comes to his family, so he's often on the outs with them.

A lot of pushback from Matt's family was seen in this season of Little People, Big World. The Roloff family has since moved off the farm, leaving it in Matt's capable hands. Unfortunately, they haven't agreed on keeping the land within the family. There are still some hurt feelings in the air in Oregon as a result.

Despite Zach's efforts to buy the family farm for years, and even working there until last year, the feud has turned into a bigger fallout than the Hatfields and the McCoys. 

Unfortunately, it seems like Matt got greedy, and decided to price the farm higher than anyone expected. Zach moved his family across state lines to Battleground, WA, in an attempt to break free. He was clearly intentionally making it difficult for him to buy the farm, or some of it.

Fans of Little People, Big World just can't seem to accept Matt's choice of partner. After all, Caryn Chandler has been involved in pretty much every family issue. Amy suggested Caryn was a home wrecker, suggesting Matt began an emotional relationship with her.

In her attempt to insert herself into a conversation between Matt and Zach, Caryn annoyed fans, making them feel like she was just a gold digger playing Matt for a fool.

It is also noteworthy that Matt's behavior has not been stellar throughout the series. Little People, Big World fans have witnessed him gaslighting Amy and talking down to her on many occasions.

Matt even walked away from family vacations, leaving Amy and the kids to figure out how to survive without a father. He even stole a few of her good ideas about how to market the farm.

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