27 Mar, 2023


A List Of The Greatest Game Shows Of All Time

By FactsWow Team

Family Feud

Various hosts had stood behind Family Feud over its 45-year history, including Richard Dawson, who starred for years before comedian Steve Harvey took over the role.

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Figure It Out

A game show hosted by panelists called Figure It Out consisted of a designated contestant answering yes or no questions to discover their skills.

Media Credits: IMDb

Double Dare

The Nickelodeon game show Double Dare debuted in 1986 and was revived briefly in 2000 before a new reboot was announced in 2018 with Liza Koshy as the host.

Media Credits: Forbes

Supermarket Sweep

An iconic comedian Leslie Jones hosted a revival of Supermarket Sweep in 2020. The series aired briefly in the 1960s before gaining more recognition after a 1990 revival.

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Press Your Luck

Press Your Luck was known as one of the most high-energy game shows ever. Aside from trivia at the beginning, contestants could win various prizes by pushing a button on a light-up board.

Media Credits: Variety

The Price Is Right

After a short stint in the mid-1950s, then again in the mid-1960s, The Price Is Right took off again with Bob Barker's reign as host in 1972. Andrew Carey has hosted the show ever since.

Media Credits: National Association Of Broadcasters

To Tell The Truth

To Tell the Truth challenges celebrity judges to guess which of three contestants is lying about their identity. To identify who is the real contestant, the celebrities are required to ask questions.

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Legends Of The Hidden Temple

In 2021, The CW was set to broadcast the highly anticipated reboot of Legends of The Hidden Temple, originally broadcast from 1993 to 1995.

Media Credits: Cosmopolitan


It's no secret that most people who own a TV are familiar with Jeopardy! The format in which contestants have to answer trivia questions.

Media Credits: CinemaBlend

Match Game

Its funny banter and funny responses kept the show relevant. The hilarious combination of celebrities was why Match Game was so popular.

Media Credits: Hulu

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