A heart-warming musical about a young girl with psychokinetic abilities

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Posted on: 26 Dec, 2022

Writers and storytellers

Matilda the Musical, the newest film by director Matthew Warchus, is yet another example of his skill and ability in writing and storytelling.

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Similarly titled musical

It is adapted from Warchus, Kelly, and Tim Minchin's 2011 stage musical of the same name, which is adapted from Roald Dahl's 1988 novel.

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Shows a genius at work

As Matilda Wormwood, the film stars a young Alisha Weir, who portrays a genius with supernatural abilities who is fighting her family and school's evil headmistress.

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Funny and touching moments

It is a film full of touching and humorous moments, making it suitable for all ages. She meets her teacher Miss Jennifer Honey, with whom she forms an inseparable bond.

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Artificial and special effects

In addition to superb composition and choreography, Matilda the Musical also features stellar acting and the right number of special effects and prosthetics.

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Familial unsupportiveness

In a crooked car salesman father, Harry, and a selfish mother named Zinnia, Matilda struggles to cope with her unsupportive family, who generally treats her as an afterthought.

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World of small ruthlessness

A day after being admitted to Crunchem Hall Elementary School, she discovers what she thought was a small ruthless world.

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The institution's elected leader

Although Trunchbull was elected to run the institution as a school, she turned it into a prison under the heartless reign of Agatha Trunchbull.

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Recognition of potential

In this film, her potential is recognized and helped by Jennifer Honey, who is kind-hearted and recognizes her potential.

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Actors who perform well

Aside from good acting performances by Alisha Weir and Lashana Lynch and the legendary Emma Thompson, the movie is enjoyable for people of all ages.

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The soundtrack of the film

Tim Minchin and Christopher Nightingale composed the film's soundtrack and scored for the same-name stage musical in 2011.

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Fanatics of fantasy

The musical Matilda will captivate fans of fantasy and musicals with its spectacular soundtrack and mesmerizing performances.

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Gratitude for turning around

The prosthetics department deserves special praise for turning Emma Thompson into Miss Agatha Trunchbull, who is ruthless and self-absorbed.

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