29 Dec, 2022


A Conspiracy theory covers Sam Asghari's and Britney Spears' Christmas

By FactsWow Team

Rare Pictures

Sam has around 3 million followers, but he doesn't use his social media as much as his wife, Britney. But this holiday season, he posted glimpses of his Christmas with his wife, Britney.

Credits: Yahoo

Conspiracy Thoughts

The picture hasn't gone well with his fans; as they say, it's not them in the picture.

Credits: Radio ESKA

Questionable activities

Recently fans claimed Britney Spears's account was hacked as there were questionable posts on her page. On the other hand, her husband keeps it less and short. But even he posted during the holiday season.

Credits: Entertainment Tonight

Pun intended

Sam did not only post with his wife for Christmas but also wished everyone through the post as the two are covered with a beautiful hill view. It was in a pun-intended caption.

Credits: Life & Style

Meditation for the win

Sam wished his fans and wrote for his wife as the meditation master. Britney and Sam have hiked and meditated to make the most of this Christmas.

Credits: The Mirror

It's not Britney

Earlier this month, fans were speculating about Spear's questionable post and claiming it was not her posting.

Credits: The Sun

Not them

While the fans now are saying about Britney and Sam's picture that it's not theirs. Because they don't look like anything in the picture, supporters asked the critics to stop and let the couple be.

Credits: Page Six

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