20 Dec, 2022


A collection of elegant Christmas tree decorating ideas to grab everyone's attention

By FactsWow Team

Combine Coziness and Nature

Put fluffy sheep-shaped ornaments, brown pinecones, and leafy greens on a green tree to create a natural, wintry look. Dress it up with brown bells and white ribbons to complete the look.

Credits: Ideal Home

Make Sugar Cookie Ornaments

For an easy way to hang your ornaments, cut holes into them so that metallic string can be attached. You can decorate them with food coloring pens or leave them blank to give them a more natural look.

Credits: Preppy Kitchen

Have fun with shapes

It's packed with wooden ornaments in many shapes, including stars, hearts, cacti, and presents. A dreamy glow comes from the glowing globe lights added to the frosted branch.

Credits: H&M

Make use of citrus fruits

Make your tree elegant and plastic-free by decorating it with dried citrus fruit, purple roses, and other natural accents.

Credits: Yahoo

Display your family photos

Polaroid-style snaps or tags with festive strings make great ornaments! Use them to show off your family photos!

Credits: Pinterest

Create DIY paper ornaments

It is a great project if you prefer to work on a longer project rather than buying clip-on candle lights. These paper candles are chic and simple.

Credits: House Beatiful

Give the Scandinavian style a try

Consider a Scandinavian-style Christmas display this year. This minimalist design is totally gorgeous while still being cozy and warm at the same time.

Credits: Pine Concept

Christmas at the coast

Beach lovers, let's get together and make the perfect seaside tree ornaments using your favorite beach accents.

Credits: Beach Life Bliss

Put ribbons on ribbons

Give a skinny tree a fuller appearance by wrapping it with both solid and striped ribbons.

Credits: Country Living Magazine

Make it sparkle

You can easily make this starburst tree topper for your holiday tree and it will be the perfect finishing touch for any tree.

Credits: Country Living Magazine

Choose navy, copper, and gold colors

If you decorate a frosted tree with ribbon, florals, and ornaments in navy, copper, and gold, you will constantly impress yourself and your guests over the holidays.

Credits: Southern Living

Make use of hay bales

A traditional tree might not suit your backyard if you live on a farm or have a big yard. Instead, make your own tree out of hay bales.

Credits: Daily Liberal

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