A Bold & Beautiful Exclusive: Ashley Jones Reveals the Castmate Who Inspired Her

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Posted on: 20 Aug, 2022

The Bold and the Beautiful's Ashley Jones is excited for fans to see her latest LMN movie, The Secret Lives of College Escorts, not just because she plays a role in it - she's directing it as well.

A college athlete loses her scholarship after a night of partying results in the death of her friend in this thriller. The gig Eve gets to pay for tuition turns out to be a dangerous scheme with deadly consequences.

As Jones revealed to Soaps.com, she took 'a few years in the making' to be able to direct a film.'My relationship with Lifetime has allowed me to make my voice heard,' says the CBS Daytime star. According to her, it was a natural progression. 

As you get older and discover more about making a film and the script, you start asking questions like, 'Oh, can I be in a script meeting or a notes meeting?'?'Proving herself off-camera was difficult, but it was probably the most difficult thing of my career.' She admitted.

The Bold and the Beautiful set star Heather Tom was there behind the scenes to support her through that challenge. Jones admired Tom's career path as an actress and director, calling her close friend 'one of the best actresses I've ever worked with.'

She proudly admitted, 'I have taken a page from her book, and she has guided me and she has been very helpful to me.' 'I am impressed with how she has managed to combine both her career and her personal life.

She acts and also directs some of it, which is something I hope to do as well.' Jones teased another directorial project, but like most projects in the early stages of production, she couldn't reveal anything.

As a result of her experiences with The Secret Lives of College Escorts, Jones was able to confirm that she 'loves directing.' Jones also realized she made the right decision by embarking on this next phase in her career, despite feeling 'extremely nervous' about it.

As she explained, 'I have never been more nervous about doing anything because it all rests heavily on my shoulders in several ways,' she added with a smile. As a result, I learned a lot about the responsibility of so many different departments within a company. 

The whole team, every actor, every crew member, is essential to filmmaking, and it helped me understand the art of filmmaking deeply.

Jones hopes viewers will enjoy watching the LMN film, which she describes as a “guilty pleasure” — and one for which she directed herself. She hopes viewers enjoy a “couple of hours of escape” while watching it.

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