07 Jan, 2023


A 6-year-old shot a teacher at Richneck Elementary School, Virginia

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On Friday, a 6-year-old kid shot a teacher dead at Richneck Elementary School, Virginia, and brought the kid under police custody.

Media Credits: Yahoo

Not an accidental shooting

The police commented that the incident was not an accidental shooting as the teacher was a female in her 30s.

Media Credits: People

Argument broke between teacher and boy

According to the police chief’s statement, an argument broke between the student and the teacher, making the boy take out his gun and fire at the teacher.

Media Credits: Los Angeles Times

Teacher showing signs of improvement

The teacher was admitted in critical condition, and the gunshot injury turned out to be life-threatening on Monday evening but showed signs of improvement later.

Media Credits: Star

Police on the investigation

The police wanted to know how the boy got his hands on a gun and what made the situation to shoot the teacher.

Media Credits: Los Angeles Times

Richneck Elementary School closed on Monday

In his statement, Dr. George Parker, the Superintendent of Newport News Public Schools, said that the Richneck Elementary School would be closed on Monday following the incident.

Media Credits: Yahoo

Children need to be kept safe

Parker was shocked and disheartened after hearing the news, and he spoke about the importance of educating the children and keeping them safe.

Media Credits: New York post

Police under investigation

Parker also added Officials are also investigating any prior incidents that may have occurred before the shooting.

Media Credits: Los Angeles Times

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