20 Dec, 2022


A 30-year-old woman tried to invade Robert De Niro's home to steal Christmas Presents

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Holiday Season

Now that it is the Holiday Season and everyone is all geared up to celebrate while Children wait for Santa Claus to come with Presents.

Credits: ABC News

Santa is stealing gifts

A 30-year-old Santa broke into Robert De Niro's home to steal his Christmas presents. It is mysterious how this particular Santa broke in to steal presents and not give them out.

Credits: Eonline.com

Robert De Niro finest actor

Robert De Niro is known for and off collaboration with Martin Scorsese. A thief invaded his Manhattan house and tried to steal presents below the Christmas tree.

Credits: The Economic Times

Shanice Aviles

The thief was none other than Shanice Aviles, who is also popular by the term Known Burglar. She snuck down through Robert's apartment.

Credits: 7 Jours

The Cops Call

They saw her entering the building at 2.45 am, which indicated signs of forced entry. A cop said the woman tried removing the property from the living room. They also saw her take the gifts.

Credits: SWVA Today

Numerous Bulgary arrests

The cops said the woman has various cases of stealing and had numerous Burglary arrests. She was taken into custody immediately. The investigation is on.

Credits: People

Robert was in his room

During the Burglary incident, he was busy with his iPad, and his daughter was in her room. He heard commotion downstairs, but the woman had escaped by then, and no one was hurt.

Credits: Daily Mail

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