Camila Cabello gets excited as she speaks of a possibility of a collab with Gwen Stefani.

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Posted on: 07 Dec, 2022

The Voice

The season of The Voice is ending, and Camila Cabello, as a first-time coach, discusses her journey on the show.

Plans after the season end

Camila plans to binge tv shows, bake, and spend time with her dogs.

Career Goals

Camila spoke about her long-time career goal. She would love to hit the studio with Gwen Stefani.

Close friendship

Gwen and Camila share a close friendship on The Voice. They are even more closely than they portray.

Gwen is a weirdo

Camila said She gets along with Gwen because she is trailblazed for women and a weirdo. Hence Gwen is her Favorite Singer.

Eff your Vibes

When asked about a possibility of a song with Gwen, Camila quickly answered, 'Eff your Vibes.'

Gwen's last season

As The Voice wraps, Gwen is emotional and says it is her last season on the show. Her journey has been so incredible that it makes her speechless.

Having an Impact

Gwen said she never thought she would do something like this. She is only grateful for the opportunity this way. She has an impact on many people.

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