90-Day Fiance: What is the status of Steven and Alina in 2022?

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Posted on: 28 Jul, 2022

There were a lot of 90-Day Fiancé fans rooting for Alina and Steven Johnston to break up in 90-Day Fiancé: The Other Way, but it looks like they're still going strong in 2022. Steven and Alina's relationship was marred by a lot of red flags. , including Steven's religious hypocrisy and continued infidelity.

The couple, however, has shocked observers by proving a seemingly functional marriage in 2022, despite all the odds. Steven, a Mormon, and Alina, a young Russian woman, fell in love even though Alina does not identify as Mormon.

Steven heavily pressured Alina to convert to her strict religion, which included remaining a virgin until she married. To make sure she didn't ingest alcohol, she spit out the wine after drinking it.

When Steven talked about his relationship with Alina, he revealed that he had slept with several women and even slept with one of hers. After the Tell-All, it was revealed that Steven had joined nearly a dozen female DMs, despite being married to Alina.

Alina chose to stay with Steven even when Steven's ex-girlfriend came to warn her. Many viewers believed that Alina would soon suffer heartbreak from this circumstance.

Alina's marriage is thriving on Instagram despite many fans of the 90-Day Fiancé franchise anticipating that she will be in great heartbreak. Steven and Alina's marriage completely changed Steven as a person, encouraging him to grow and mature.

Steven says that he has become a new person after his wedding, while many viewers find it hard to believe that the franchise's villain has changed in such a significant way. This has allowed him to develop a strong relationship with Alina.

Social networks have shown the couple's adventures together, which they have undertaken on numerous occasions. In fact, they seem to be one of the most prosperous and happy couples in the entire film franchise.

90 Day Fiancé fans were shocked when the couple took their cat camping in Turkey recently. Steven and Alina actually chose to live in Turkey, which is where they met in The Other Way.

The two met there as it was the easiest country to travel to get married during the pandemic. In addition to a vacation in Greece, Steven and Alina also vacationed in Egypt.

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