90 Day Fiance: Andrea learns about pregnancy with watermelon baby from Libby

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Posted on: 17 Aug, 2022

Elizabeth Potthast, of 90 Day Fiancé, shared a cute video in which she was demonstrating what it was like to be pregnant to her husband Andrei Castravet.

On the TLC show, Libby and Andrei have always been fan favorites, primarily due to the drama they both brought to the screen. Libby and Clive met on a dating app in 2016 while she was studying in Dublin.

She was initially drawn to Andrei because he worked as a bouncer and he captured her heart. The Moldovan was initially looked down upon by Libby's entire family, but after several years they appear to be embracing their relationship to a greater extent.

The two of them are no strangers to social media and enjoy posting photos and reels of their daily activities. The mother of two also wanted to make sure that her husband understood the trials and tribulations associated with being pregnant.

Recent video uploaded by Libby showed Andrei wearing a watermelon strapped to his stomach as a baby bump. Libby fitted Andrei with a makeshift pregnancy belly while Shania Twain's 'Man I Feel Like a Woman' played in the background.

Andrei was seen completing daily chores such as washing the clothes, sleeping, and putting on his shoes in the video. Even though he seemed to manage, 90 Day Fiancé alum Libby asserted that men would never understand what he was going through.

Both Libby and Andrei appeared to be laughing at themselves throughout the video and even bumped bumps at one point. As Libby wore a long blue maxi dress that showed off her growing baby boy, she looked absolutely radiant.

It has been important for the couple to work on their marriage and to learn to support one another. The couple's first child, Ellie, has recently launched her own YouTube channel, named appropriately 'Ellie's World,' and Andrei has been working closely with Libby's father, Chuck.

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