31 Dec, 2022


8 Scientific Discoveries & Innovations 2022

By FactsWow Team

Photos from the James Webb Space Telescope

One of the most powerful, largest, and most complex space telescopes built on 24th January 2022 at Lagrange Point 2. On 12th July, NASA found five images from James Webb Space Telescope that are highly stunning and unparalleled. It captured the universe’s galaxies, incredible details, and information on the chemical profile of the exoplanet milieu.

Credits: CNN

The mpox outbreak

2022 is not about a pandemic but an outbreak. It is not like a novel disease of SARS-Cov-2 but is 85% effective for proven vaccination. On 9th, December Monday, 857,393 JYNNEOS vials were shipped to the U.S. In mid-2023, the U.S. government will have to supply around 7 million vials.

Credits: Health

First Xenogeneic Heart Transplant

A 57-year-old man, on 7th January, for first-of-a-kind surgery, hit a successful transplant from a heritable pig heart. David Bennett didn’t qualify for an earlier heart transplant, but doctors felt this was the last option. The surgeons passed away due to heart downfall but hoping for the future of Xenogeneic transplants.

Credits: Diagnostic

Purple Tomatoes by USDA

In September, heritably Purple Tomatoes were approved by the USDA and are doubtful to pose a plant pest risk. It offers a profound level of anthocyanin in some foods like blackberries and blueberries, creating a vibrant purple hue through the ingredient.

Credits: Food

Effects Of Lead on I.Q

Lead was first added in 1923 to gasoline which helps in keeping car engines healthy and sound. It can give a great risk of lead-related health issues like quicker brain aging and paint hazards to housing units like deteriorated house dust.

Credits: Ground

The Human Genome Project

About the DNA, scientists published the gapless and complete sequence in March for the Human Genome project after 20 years. It mapped 92% of the genome, and 8% included repetitive DNA and numerous genes. It found two similar copies of a chromosome using a special cell line.

Credits: Popular Mechanics

Fastest DNA Sequencing Technique

Stanford Medicine Scientists, in January, made an innovative ultra-rapid DNA Sequencing technique to identify genetic disease in eight hours. Though, Scientists found only one record in five hours. It is set in the Guinness World Records and certified by association National Institute of Science & Technology, Genome.

Credits: CNN

A Rechargeable Cyborg cockroach

Japan-engineered researchers created remote-controlled Cyborg cockroaches using flexible and Ultrathin electronic materials. It equips with wireless remote control powered by a rechargeable battery fixed to the solar cell.

Credits: The Japan Times

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