17 Apr, 2023


5 Infuriating Marvel Trends That Requires To Fix By The MCU

By FactsWow Team

Hulk & Doctor Strange Supported Too Long 

Hulk and Doctor Strange are the two important members of ‘Avengers’ who acted a role in the greatest battle of the MCU. Hulk assisted in helping the MCU to create 2008 ‘The Incredible hulk’ to appear as a supporting role in the movie of ‘Avengers.’ 

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Scarlet Witch Switched Between Villain & Hero 

In MCU and Marvel Comics, Scarlet Witch muddled the line between villain and hero. She was introduced in ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ as an opponent and soon united the Avengers and turned out to be a pivotal team member to brand as a terrorist in Avengers: Civil War. 

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Mcu’s Heroes Ignored The Huge Threats 

The big franchise of MCU is the deficiency of appearances in all characters each time when they are logically assumed. For example, one or many Avengers showed up to rescue the president in Iron Man 3, where all heroes interrupted while Tiamut was coming up to the core of the Planet in Eternals. 

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MCU Ignored Pivotal Characters 

There are hundreds of characters to alter. MCU couldn’t provide special treatment to anyone. However, some characters can perform better than others, namely, Wasp, Drax, and Valkyrie. They didn’t get much introduction and played a backup role in their core appearances. 

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Spiderman Keeps Muddling In The MCU 

The big part about the Spiderman character is his inclination to create serious blunders and his bad luck. Peter Parker is a responsible and smart hero who prevents himself from becoming useless. Tom Holland is a novice hero who makes mistakes and creates bad decisions. 

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