15 Dec, 2022


25 Best Christmas Nail Arts to Try in 2023

By FactsWow Team

You should be aware of one thing about me: I adore nail art. I mean, I'm the one that has over 100 sets of manicure decals in her collection, has her engagement nails planned out (despite being AF single lol), and started screenshotting non-cheesy Christmas nail design ideas as soon as summer arrived. So if you love and appreciate the holidays as much as I do, you're in luck because I've prepared a long list of the greatest minimalist Christmas manicure designs of 2023, including glitter nails, charming accent nails, and winter nail art.

Credits: Allure

Gold snowflake nails for Christmas

Not a fan of the overtly festive atmosphere? I got it. This is why I adore these understated gold snowflakes, which make me feel festive without using red and green. A gold snowflake sticker, two coats of white nail paint, and a layer of shiny top coat are all required to complete these at home.

Credits: itakeyou

Your nails will undoubtedly elicit the same festive and merry feelings, whether your Christmas plans include enjoying hot cocoa in front of Netflix, baking cookies with family, or giving your BFF the best present ever. Find the Christmas nail art you love the most by reading on, then be ready to present your manicurist or make them yourself at home.

Credits: Wedbook

Brown velvet Christmas nail design

You undoubtedly notice this 'velvet' nail fad if you use Instagram. In essence, it applies a few layers of highly reflective polish, then uses a magnet to 'activate' the sparkles. The outcome? An imitation of your velvet Christmas outfit with a soft, fuzzy-looking texture. You can choose this style all over your nails, or you can stay with classic French tips and an accent nail with mistletoe, as shown above.

Credits: Pinterest

Glitter Christmas ornament nails

Glitter ornaments are the only type of ornament that is more distinctly Christmassy. The sheer base and sparkly dark-red paint of these ornament (and reindeer!) accent nails elevate traditional Christmas nail art. Give a few of your nails the full glitter treatment to complete the look, building up the layers for an opaque finish.

Credits: Etsy

Plaid Christmas nails

Since I learned to dress, my mother has never let me open presents in anything other than my 'Christmas plaid,' so this year, I'll fully embrace the rule by putting plaid into my nail art. I adore this version with the deep red, black, and silver color scheme, but any combination of cherry tones will do.

Credits: Pinterest

Winter wonderland nail art

Would you like real winter wonderland-style nails? Show your manicurist this nail art as soon as possible. Be aware that designing this complex will require considerable time and money. Instead of painting, you may apply some nail stickers to make it a little less expensive (and perhaps even DIY).

Credits: SoNailicious

Gingerbread nails for Christmas

Thanks to the combination of accent nails and negative spaces, this glittery-gold gingerbread manicure feels both bold and neutral. But here's a pro tip: For much less anxiety, try applying a few gingerbread nail stickers rather than attempting to draw numerous miniature gingerbread men by hand.

Credits: The Chic Pursuit

Glitter nails for Christmas

This Christmas party vibe that these glittery nails exude is just what I want from my manicure from December through January. To make your own, simply put on an opaque glitter nail polish (not a glitter top coat, which frequently is sheer), then cover with a clear and sparkly top coat. To get the most megawatt shine, I use four coats of Deborah Lippmann Candy Shop or three coats of Olive and June's Exclamation Point.

Credits: Southern Living

Christmas nail colors

Even though it's evident that these red and green nails are Christmas-themed, you won't feel compelled to remove them on December 26. Feel free to replace them with others that you find more pleasing, such as a bright wintery blue, a rich emerald green, or a candy-cane red.

Credits: Pinterest

Colorful Christmas nails

This year, change your Christmas manicure by substituting vibrant pastel colors for the 'traditional' hues. This negative-space manicure looks like West Elm in nail art form and has a mid-century modern Christmas mood without being old-fashioned or corny.

Credits: Oprah Daily

Candy-cane French tips for Christmas

These candy-cane nails had me yearning for a peppermint mocha just by looking at them. However, these would also look awesome with coffin nails or square nails to play up the sharpness. I particularly prefer the rounded, oval shape as a contrast to the design's diagonal, rigid lines.

Credits: Byrdie

Gingerbread and candy cane nail design

Thanks to the cartoon-style Christmas decorations strewn across each nail (identify yourself—I'm the thumb snowman), these multicolor French tips are so much fun. Don't stress about attempting to recreate the entire look yourself; if you lack artistic ability, limit yourself to just the French tips or ask your manicurist for mix-and-match mistletoe, candy canes, and gingerbread men.

Credits: Styles At Life

Green velvet nails for Christmas

As I promised, velvet nails will be popular this Christmas season, and I will personally be launching the trend with this obscenely sparkling green-black manicure. To achieve the 'velvet' effect at home, combine a sparkly green nail paint with a glossy black varnish to achieve the same rich, saturated color.

Credits: Pinterest

Chrome snowflake nail idea

The perfect transition from my annual evaluation to my Christmas and New Year's Eve celebrations is a pair of chrome snowflakes. If you want to attempt this look at home, pick up a manicure set to clean out your cuticles and buff your natural nails first to give them a much more polished appearance. Then, to give your wet, hand-drawn snowflakes a dazzling, chromatic finish, sprinkle silver chrome powder over them.

Credits: GlowingFem

Shimmery Christmas ornament nails

Start with a glitter base coat rather than a glitter top coat if you want to boost the festiveness of your Christmas manicure without making it look garish. The sheer sparkly white base of these vintage ornament nails, which is evocative of Hailey Bieber's 'glazed donut nails,' the internet's favorite manicure of 2022, prevents the nail art from appearing flat and uninteresting.

Credits: Glamour

Holly nail design

Holly accents are a simple minimalist nail art idea for the holidays, regardless of whether you call them holly leaves or mistletoe (I'm on team mistletoe). Leave the rest of your nails sleek and bare, or—my personal favorite—pair them with bright-red nails for the whole Christmas impact. Dot them on a few accent nails.

Credits: Fab Mood

Muted Christmas-colored nails

You undoubtedly relied on fall nail colors like olive green, oxblood, ivory, and gold last season. But when combined, they create a stunning and rather subdued Christmas manicure. And if you don't feel like doing perfect nail art today (common), just paint each nail a different color instead.

Credits: Love ThisPic

Red and white nail design for Christmas

These nails make me think of gumdrops and candy canes. Grab a nail brush and a nail dotting tool to give it a try. After applying two coats of white polish (or until it is opaque), let it dry, and then make a design on your nails by dipping your dotting tool in red polish. Simply apply a few strips of red polish to create the candy cane stripes, and then use a nail remover pen to fix any mistakes.

Credits: Chasing Daisies

Tree nail idea for Christmas

The right amount of holiday cheer for those who despise seasonal manicures, these nails initially appear to be typical French tips from a distance. However, closer inspection reveals a delicate metallic lacquer with snow-capped trees. If you consider yourself to be an artist at heart, use a little nail brush and forest-green polish, or simply apply a small tree decal and call it a day.

Mistletoe Christmas nails

The fact that these mistletoe nails are quite easy to produce makes them ideal for lazy folks. Painting on a sheer base color that is one shade lighter than your skin tone will give your manicure a clean, neutral vibe. This is the secret to this minimalist aesthetic. Use these nails to solicit free mistletoe kisses from anyone and everyone this holiday season.

Credits: Pinterest

Winter-y Christmas nail idea

You don't want to wear a bright holiday color? Don't worry; you can rock this Christmas nail art. The dark hues will help you project a relaxed atmosphere, while the reindeer pattern will demonstrate how much you love the festive season.

Credits: Reddit

White Christmas dove nails

This nail art basically recreates 'The 12 Days of Christmas.' But despite the fact that the style and short length of these nails shout Christmas in your face, they nonetheless manage to look classy and understated. However, be sure to remember the five golden rings.

Credits: Fab Mood

The Grinch Christmas nail design

The fact that Jim Carey's How the Grinch Stole Christmas actually won an Oscar in 2001 is one of my favorite humorous holiday facts. Yes, Best Makeup was the prize, but semantics! So this holiday season, pay homage to everyone's favorite Oscar-winning movie with a festive red-and-green manicure that includes a Grinch decal.

Credits: Acrylic Nails

Gold star nail idea

This Christmas manicure design combines all the benefits of a sheer mani with an additional 'pop art' appearance, with which I'm seriously obsessed. Use a small nail brush and gold paint to create this star-shaped nail art, and then outline the design with black.

Credits: itakeyou

Christmas ornament nails

The best nail art patterns for the holiday season include ornaments, tinsel, snowflakes, and anything else you might think to hang from your Christmas tree. I particularly like how the foundation of this manicure design is a glittering red color, which is then topped with additional glitter and shimmer elements. More people, the merrier (literally).

Credits: ArchZine

Christmas lights nail idea

Sincerely, applying fake Christmas lights to your nails is probably less time-consuming than hanging real ones all around your house. DIY nail art: Using a wax stick or pencil, place the little stones where you choose. Then, connect them by painting a very fine line between them with a nail art brush.

Credits: Prada & Pearls

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