04 Jan, 2023


1899 Netflix show canceled after season 1 and filmmaker criticize Netflix

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Netflix axed 1899 after season 1, and the show's creators confirmed it through an Instagram post.

Credits: Netflix

Other series canceled after season 1

1899 scientific thriller released on November 17 has been axed after season 1, just like other series, I'm Not Okay With This, Julie and the Phantoms, and Residential Evil, which were canceled after season 1.

Credits: ListeList

1899 suffered viewership

The 1899 series suffered viewership and had a fair rating of 76% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Credits: VOGUE

1899 creators announced news

1899 creators Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar announced the canceling news on Instagram on January 2.

Credits: Gadgests 360

The series suffered accusations

The series was accused of copying similar content from the 2016 comic Black Silence, though the creators denied those allegations.

Credits: Indie Hoy

Filmmaker criticized Netflix

Filmmaker Siddhant Adlakha accused Netflix was not giving time to produce more viewership for the show 1899

Credits: IMDb

'Wednesday' to be blamed

And Adlakha blamed 'Wednesday' as it was released a few days after the 1899 release.

Credits: Entertainment Weekly

Twitter fans furious

Twitter Users condemned Netflix on cancellation of 1899 and criticized it for chopping other series after season 1.

Credits: The Telegrap

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