14 Mar, 2023


10 Quotes from the stage of Oscar 2023 | Exciting look at a fun and motivational speech

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Jimmy Kimmel's Joke

As a result, we have strict policies to ensure you feel safe and, most importantly, safe. The best actor will win the Oscar 2023 if anyone in this theatre commits violence during the show and gives a 19-minute speech if this happens. At the Academy, there is a crisis management team. If anything unexpected or violent occurs, do not act. Hug the assailant if you can.

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Michelle's Acceptance Speech

It's a beacon of hope and possibility for all the little boys and girls like me watching tonight. As proof that dreams can come true, it's important to dream big.' She said: 'And ladies, you don't ever let people tell you you're old. It's a big deal. Thanks to the Academy, this will make history.

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Ke Huy Quan's Speech

The 84-year-old mom is at home watching. I won the Oscar 2023, mom! On a boat, I started my journey. The refugee camp was my home for a year. My journey led me here, the biggest stage in Hollywood. This is a story that only happens in movies. It is unbelievable. The American dream,' he said, adding that 'Dreams require belief.' I nearly gave up. Dreams must be kept alive. Having the opportunity to return is a pleasure.

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Malala's Answer To Kimmel

A question about Harry Styles' spitting on Chris Pine left Malala Yousafzai in splits. 'I talk only about peace,' Malala responded to Jimmy Kimmel. 'And that's why you're Malala', he replied.

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Sarah's Proud Moment

The Best Adapted Screenplay Oscar 2023 went to Sarah Polley for Women Talking. The film actress started her acceptance speech by thanking the Academy for not being offended by the proximity of 'women' and 'talking.' 

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Yulia's Message To Her Husband

When Navalny won the Oscar 2023 for Best Documentary Feature Film, Yulia Navalnaya spoke about her husband. Defending democracy is my husband's crime. Telling the truth has landed him in prison. I pray that he will be free one day; stay strong, my love,' she said to thunderous applause.

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Daniel's Award Dedication

With his award speech, Daniel Scheinert, one of the Daniels and director of Everything Everywhere All at Once, made a poignant point about gender expression while sacrificing his mother's memory. As he said, we would like to thank all mommies for their support and encouragement when I made weird horror movies and dressed up as a drag child.

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Daniel Kwan’s Message To His Son

He also mentioned his son in his speech. In his words, Daniel Kwan said: 'You rearrange my DNA every day. You should not be forced to live up to this kind of standard. That is not normal. It is crazy. I love you regardless. 'Every single person is great. 'Thank you to everyone who opened the door to my genius.'

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Jimmy's Fun-Filled Speech

He ended the show humorously by reviving his longstanding feud with Matt Damon. Jimmy Kimmel had many funny lines throughout the night. In 2005, the host joked about not having time for Matt Damon on his third season of Jimmy Kimmel Live. Thanks to everyone involved in the show. Apologies to Matt Damon. Thanks for watching. His first thought was Matt Damon, so he chose it.

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India's Oscar Award-Winning Moment

With MM Keeravaani and Chandrabose, During his acceptance speech, the composer sang Carpenters' Top of the World as the soundtrack to Naatu Naatu. Having listened to the Carpenters as a child, he then sang to the tune of One wish remained on my mind on Top of the World. The RRR must win; it must make me a world leader.

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