10 Movies of Dolls which came to life

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Posted on: 05 Jan, 2023

Barbie 2023

It is scheduled to release in July. The movie is about the leading lady who redefines the brand. It stars Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling. It is a romantic comedy. It is way beyond the clothes and accessories as Barbie joins the human world.

Credits: IMDb

Annabelle 2013

She is the darkest and scariest Doll. It is a movie about when giving a gift goes wrong. A doctor gave his pregnant wife a vintage doll for her Nursery decoration. Here paranormal activities happen, murder happens, and a lot more.

Credits: IMDb

Life Size

The time when 2000 kids went crazy over Tyra Banks and Lindsay Lohan. The two starred in Life Size. Casey finds a way to connect with her mother. She finds a book of spells, and the rest is worth a watch.

Credits: IMDb


A Roboticist, with the help of AI, brings life to a doll for kids. Here everything can go wrong. It certainly does. Something kids would enjoy can also be their worst nightmare.

Credits: Rotten Tomatoes

Toy Story

Andy's Toys can do anything for the owner. It is a rather lovely bond in the Toy world. Woody and his friends meet the new birthday present. It's as obvious as the toys feel threatened with being replaced.

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Child's Play

Charles Lee Ray, who escapes from the Chicago Police, enters his soul into a Doll. He threatens the people around him as the doll talks. A young boy needs a Good Guy Doll, and certainly, this one comes at a cheaper rate.

Credits: Rotten Tomatoes


These Ugly Dolls are hidden from the rest in a toy world. The Mayor of this world tells the dolls there is nothing apart from this world. While the Protaganoist debate otherwise.

Credits: Microsoft

The Boy

Suppose someone wants to watch a horror movie alone. Well, then, The Boy is the movie. Greta, who has yet to learn what she enters, is uncalled for. She is taking care of a boy named Brahms. Well, it's a Doll.

Credits: IMDb


Honestly, even google needs clarification if this is for kids or adults. It is eccentric and covered with imagination. The Doll movie is certainly for all age groups.

Credits: The Guide

Saw 2004

It is a movie franchise with nine parts. Certainly, scary dolls can make up a good franchise. John JigSaw doesn't want to kill the culprits. But certainly, he even thinks of torturing them. Hence those were the 10 Dolls.

Credits: TV Tropes

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