05 Jan, 2023


10 Movies of Dolls which came to life

By FactsWow Team

Barbie 2023

It is scheduled to release in July. The movie is about the leading lady who redefines the brand. It stars Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling. It is a romantic comedy. It is way beyond the clothes and accessories as Barbie joins the human world.

Credits: IMDb

Annabelle 2013

She is the darkest and scariest Doll. It is a movie about when giving a gift goes wrong. A doctor gave his pregnant wife a vintage doll for her Nursery decoration. Here paranormal activities happen, murder happens, and a lot more.

Credits: IMDb

Life Size

The time when 2000 kids went crazy over Tyra Banks and Lindsay Lohan. The two starred in Life Size. Casey finds a way to connect with her mother. She finds a book of spells, and the rest is worth a watch.

Credits: IMDb


A Roboticist, with the help of AI, brings life to a doll for kids. Here everything can go wrong. It certainly does. Something kids would enjoy can also be their worst nightmare.

Credits: Rotten Tomatoes

Toy Story

Andy's Toys can do anything for the owner. It is a rather lovely bond in the Toy world. Woody and his friends meet the new birthday present. It's as obvious as the toys feel threatened with being replaced.

Credits: yoto player

Child's Play

Charles Lee Ray, who escapes from the Chicago Police, enters his soul into a Doll. He threatens the people around him as the doll talks. A young boy needs a Good Guy Doll, and certainly, this one comes at a cheaper rate.

Credits: Rotten Tomatoes


These Ugly Dolls are hidden from the rest in a toy world. The Mayor of this world tells the dolls there is nothing apart from this world. While the Protaganoist debate otherwise.

Credits: Microsoft

The Boy

Suppose someone wants to watch a horror movie alone. Well, then, The Boy is the movie. Greta, who has yet to learn what she enters, is uncalled for. She is taking care of a boy named Brahms. Well, it's a Doll.

Credits: IMDb


Honestly, even google needs clarification if this is for kids or adults. It is eccentric and covered with imagination. The Doll movie is certainly for all age groups.

Credits: The Guide

Saw 2004

It is a movie franchise with nine parts. Certainly, scary dolls can make up a good franchise. John JigSaw doesn't want to kill the culprits. But certainly, he even thinks of torturing them. Hence those were the 10 Dolls.

Credits: TV Tropes

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