What was the reason for Abigail's stabbing on Days of our Lives

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Posted on: 15 Jun, 2022

The death is a mystery

Days before the summer season premieres, rumors have been afloat that the daytime drama will introduce a brutal death and murder mystery. It had been rumored that Abigail would be killed off. These things are all true as it turns out.

Suggestions on the three peoples

Abigail's untimely death sends shockwaves through Salem, so she is determined to make her killer pay for his actions. Three people have already been suggested as potential suspects for stabbing Abigail in true soap opera fashion.

The indication by the period

The top two characters on the list are Emily and Leo. While both the friends insist that they didn't commit the act, there is something they are holding back. The fact that Gwen managed to escape prison for a period of time indicates she did escape.

The murder was a revenge

Abigail was also killed for revenge by both of them. Besides, Abigail was the subject of a recent discussion among friends. This leaves Lucas as the third suspect. Lucas told Abigail that Sami had been kidnapped, instead of EJ, and he wasn't pleased.

The expansion in the suspect

Day of our Lives spoilers predicted Lucas would fall off the wagon, and he didn't disappoint. The suspect list has been expanded to include Lucas because of a blackout drunk and hand injury. Until the killer is revealed, this story will take a while to unfold.

The suspects may be revealed

There will be other suspects being revealed along the way. Chad already believes Kate was the person who stabbed his wife. Kate is a person who will go to extremes to protect her children, and Chad recognizes that.

The suspect of the murderer

The odds suggest that Kate is not the murderer. When she is convinced that Lucas committed the act, she will go to great lengths to ensure he is held accountable. Fans are also speculating that Sarah had a hallucination due to the antidote that Dr. Rolf administered and killed Abigail.

The learning of Marlena

Marlena learned from Sarah that she thought Kristen was Victor, but it was really Kristen. The person who killed Abigail in Days may have had different motives. The two were both capable of being killed and had motivations to do so.

Considering the motives

While in most cases, Leo and Gwen shouldn't be ruled out even though the killer is normally the last person viewers expect on the hit soap opera. We can simply cut them from the show for a time, as they have motives and are expendable.

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