Volunteer Firefighter Dies After Trying to Save Mom And Her Kid

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Posted on: 11 Jun, 2022

Police say a hero firefighter died after trying to save a mom who'd driven into a river to drown herself and an 8-year-old kid.

John Forbush, 24, a volunteer firefighter, had been off-duty when he heard about the crash in to the river and drove to the scene to help.

Authorities explained that he also drowned as he battled to save the pair from the car.

The tragic incident occurred at Elk River near Braxton County in West Virginia on May 1.

Tragic incident:

On Monday, the West Virginia State Fire Marshal said, 'On May 1, 2022, at approximately 2:30 p.m., a car drove into the Elk River, resulting in the death of both vehicle occupants and an off-duty volunteer firefighter who tried to provide help to the victims before emergency responders arrived on the location.'

He continued, 'The vehicle, operated by 42-year-old LaTonya Bell of Cleveland, Ohio, drove into the Elk River near the area of the Braxton County Senior Citizens Center along Route 4.'

He added, 'While working less than a mile away, Gassaway Volunteer Firefighter, John D. Forbush, heard the initial dispatch call on his department-issued radio and responded directly to the scene.'

He admitted, 'Once on scene, Firefighter Forbush communicated via radio transmission that there appeared to be victims trapped inside the vehicle and immediately jumped into the river to rescue the victims.'

'During the rescue efforts, Firefighter Forbush was unable to free the victims from the vehicle, and he also lost his life.'

He said, 'The fatalities from this incident included 42-year-old LaTonya Bell of Cleveland, Ohio, 8-year-old Havana Pipkins of Cleveland, Ohio, and 24-year-old John D. Forbush of Gassaway, whose body was recovered from the Elk River at around 4:26 p.m.'

All three victims were sent to the West Virginia Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in Charleston.

The fire service added, 'An investigation into this incident by the Braxton County Sheriff's Office has revealed that Ms. Bell intentionally drove her vehicle into the Elk River and has been ruled a murder/suicide.

It continued, 'John D. Forbush selflessly gave his life for strangers in need. He proudly served the Gassaway community for 4 years as a volunteer firefighter.'

The fire service admitted, 'His service to the community will forever be remembered. Summersville Fire Department, from Nicholas County, also responded to the scene with Dive Rescue resources.'

A funeral procession took place on May 4 in honor of Forbush as he was returned to Braxton County for burial. The investigation continues.

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