The County registrar publicly owns Tomi Lahren after tweeting about voter fraud.

By FactsWow Team

Posted on: 09 Jun, 2022

Fox News patron and expert bigoted Tomi Lahren posted one of her everyday reality free tirades on Twitter as of late, guaranteeing that she'd seen an example of casting a ballot misrepresentation.

Lahren has been one of the MAGA mouthpieces spending the last eighteen months uproariously and unjustifiably hollering about broad misrepresentation in the 2020 political race. Presently, she maintains that we should accept she has confirmation.

He just accepted my California casting a ballot code and early voting form data. Just issue is he hasn't lived in that frame of mind for more than two years and has been enlisted in Tennessee for the north of 2 years; however, it’s beautiful, misrepresentation is a fantasy, and Lahren tweeted with a mocking thumbs-up emoticon.

Nothing about Lahren's tweet holds up to any even out of the investigation. However, nobody can make that point any more apparent than the Los Angeles County Registrar's office, which answered Lahren's tweet, obliterating it with earnestness and realities.  

Your enrollment is INACTIVE because of returned mail and would possibly be reactivated assuming you answered or cast a ballot marking the vow confirming your capabilities and home. The reaction peruses. Satisfy DM to affirm your information, and we will handle a cancelation. 

The way that Lahren got polling from data for a California political race isn't confirmation of extortion. It is verification that she didn't require some investment to eliminate herself from the state's elector rolls in the wake of moving.  

Every case is, in every case, bogus or, best case scenario, very deceptive. Occasionally Republicans will guarantee they've found a district with more enlisted electors than its inhabitants and hold it up as confirmation of boundless electoral cheating. This can explain because large numbers of those electors' enrollment statuses are dormant, like Lahren's.

Lahren getting polling from data in a state she no longer lives in isn't extortion. What might be misrepresentation is on the off chance that she finished up a polling form and brought it back.

What's more, regardless of whether she had attempted to commit misrepresentation, there's a decent opportunity that it, like most comparable occasions,

which do occur, however in not even close to the enormous connivance level numbers Lahren and her kind case would have been gotten by the protections set up to do as such.

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