03 Jan, 2023


South Carolina: A Female Body Was Found Inside A Donation Bin

By FactsWow Team

South Carolina

The local authorities went through an investigation when a body was discovered in a donation bin in South Carolina.

Media Credits: New York Post

Kershaw County Sheriff's Office

The Kershaw County Sheriff's Office revealed that the body was found before 9 a.m. on Saturday when a spectator checked a donation bin on Highway 1 and observed a foul smell in Lugoff, South Carolina.

Media Credits: WTLX.com

Sheriff Lee Boan

Sheriff Lee Boan unveiled that the body seems female in the dressing style. Investigators thought the body was someone who sought shelter from the cold winter. The deceased had been inside the metal bin for more than a month.

Media Credits: me.linkedin.com

Coroner David West

Coroner Davide West said the bin looked to haven't been emptied for years and had gone through VHS tapes inside the bin.

Media Credits: Chronicle Independent

The South Carolina Law Enforcement Division

The SLED (South Carolina Law Enforcement Division) processed the scene and notified as 'if it were a homicide.' While the reason for death yet needs to confirm. Authorities planned for an autopsy on Wednesday.

Media Credits: The Sumter Item

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