07 Jan, 2023


Mother of Uvalde school shooter arrested and accused of assault and battery!

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Uvalde school shooter!

According to reports, the mother of the Uvalde school shooter got arrested and accused of threatening to kill a man.

Media Credits: New York Post

Mother got arrested!

Adriana Martinez Reyes, 40, was arrested on Wednesday.

Media Credits: Daily Mail

Court records!

According to court records, Martinez Reyes told the police that she was the mother of the one that killed all the children in the Uvalde, Texas, shooting.

Media Credits: Daily Mail

Who was killed?

Martinez Reyes son, who is 18-year-old Salvador Ramos, killed 19 children and two teachers on Mat 24 at Robb Elementary School. He also died.

Media Credits: CNN

Shooting at School!

Before the school shooting, Salvador Ramos shot his grandmother in the face, and she got survived. Martinez Reyes resided in Oklahoma. Police in Oklahoma City, on Wednesday, called her home for the second time in a day. A man said that he had a falling out with Martinez Reyes. The man said he was disabled, loved her, and had grown afraid of her.

Media Credits: NBC News

Martinez got charged!

Martinez was charged with threatening to perform an act of violence. The Oklahoma State Courts show a criminal probable cause was filed for Martinez Reyes.

Media Credits: Wikipedia

Martinez was released!

On Friday afternoon, she was released from the Oklahoma County Detention Center. Martinez's bond was previously set at $1000.

Media Credits: NBC News

Walked out of jail!

Based on a news station report, she walked out of jail wearing a mask and a Hoodie, and the man who made the accusation was her boyfriend.

Media Credits: FOX 13 Tampa Bay

Video published!

Martinez Reyes said in a video, 'I have no words to say because I don't know what he was thinking. He had a reason for what he did. 'Please don't judge him; forgive me, forgive my son, and I Know he had his reasons.'

Media Credits: Daily Mail

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