01 Apr, 2023


Lawyer Jose Baez hopes to win another case for Tory Lanez

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Lanez Was Convicted Of The Crime

The verdict that Tory Lanez was convicted of shooting Megan Thee Stallion was appealed by Lanez earlier this week.

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For Shooting Him, He Faces Charges

'Luv' rapper, 30, was convicted of assault and negligent firearm discharge against Megan in 2020. He was also charged with carrying a loaded, unregistered pistol in a vehicle.

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The Sentence Is Appealing

Attorney Jose Baez plans on appealing the sentence, but it will not happen if the judge sentences him on April 10.

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Exclusion From The Trial

Lanez's tattoo of a firearm, which Baez says hurt his case and suggested he liked guns, is one of several items the defense feels should have been excluded from the trial.

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Casey Anthony's Defense Lawyer

It might feel impossible, but Baez has overcome nearly insurmountable odds before. In 2008, he defended Casey Anthony against charges she killed her daughter, Caylee, when she was just two years old.A lot of people underestimate

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A Lot Of People Underestimate

In reality, he knew he would win, but the pundits on cable shows underestimated him. 'People always underestimated me,' he said.

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Pictures Appeared On Websites

Almost immediately after Anthony was acquitted, Facebook groups with thousands of followers called for Baez's disbarment. Websites appeared with pictures of him sporting devil's horns.

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Get Instagram Updates

There is a nickname for him called the 'King of the Courtroom.' It stuck. He posts accolades he and his firm receive on Instagram.

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To Represent Him, Baez Was Hired

In 2012, Aaron Hernandez, a former New England Patriot tight end, hired attorney Baez to represent him in his double-murder trial.

Media Credits: The Guardian

Assassinated Himself In Prison

Hernandez committed suicide in prison but publicly thanked Baez for his representation. Baez's murder conviction was appealed after his acquittal at trial.

Media Credits: The New York Times Vulture

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