WWE To Reintroduce John Cena to Raw, Who Will Be His First Challenger?

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Posted on: 28 Jun, 2022

Celebration of 20 years

John Cena celebrates 20 years of his WWE debut as he returns to Monday Night RAW for his return to the promotion. Those anticipating his return should know who the wrestler's opponent might be.

The grand return to WWE

Currently, John Cena is all set to make his return to WWE as the 16-time World Champion with WWE. He will appear on WWE Monday Night Raw on October 25th, celebrating the completion of 20 years with the promotion.

Debut in the WWE career

On June 25th, 2022, John Cena made the debut of his WWE career, during his debut title match of SmackDown, against Kurt Angle.

First appearance in the WWE

Cena is now set to make his first WWE appearance of 2017 for the WWE. Over the years, Cena has become one of the biggest superstars in the company.

He returns and remains in the company

Despite the speculation in the WWE universe as to whether Cena will remain with the company after his return or whether he will make only one appearance, Cena took to Instagram to inform fans of his ideas for the future.

WWE superstar on the Instagram 

A few hours before he was due to return, he indicated that there was a possibility that he would face an opponent. The WWE Superstar took to Instagram and shared a photo of himself with WWE superstar Seth Rollins without any associated comment.

The universe of WWE

Rollins and Cena have had an epic rivalry in the past, and this post has been enough to bring back all the memories of that rivalry within the WWE universe.

Cena teased the opponent

Fans have expressed interest in discovering if Cena just teased his opponent, while a few fans have also wondered if the matchup between Seth Rollins and John Cena could be announced for the WWE SummerSlam PPV.

Part in the elimination chamber

Cena and Rollins have fronted several memorable PPV main events over the years in WWE, including several memorable matches. As part of the WWE Elimination Chamber 2018, both wrestlers faced off against each other.

Randy Orton, congrats, John Cena

Meanwhile, both WWE legends, such as Triple H, Shaun Michaels, and others, and current superstars such as Randy Orton congratulated John Cena on his milestone achievement.

The WWE, with tremendous championship

His three most prominent rivals in WWE were the three wrestlers mentioned above. WrestleMania 22 and 24 featured major championship matches between Cena and Triple H, whereas WrestleMania 23 followed a feud between Triple H and Michaels.

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