03 Aug, 2023


Whoopi Goldberg Shockingly Explains the Horrors of Pool Sex: A Conversation with The View

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Whoopi Goldberg

Best known for her eccentric character, Whoopi Goldberg has once again shocked everyone with her explicit description of pool sex in an interview with The View.

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Pool Sex

Before this interview, several young people who had not yet had pool sex saw it as an experience to try out at least once in a lifetime due to the extreme pleasure people claim it gives.

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Shatters the table

However, Whoopi Goldberg has shattered this myth as she leaves a producer cringing in horror while discussing how unpleasant pool sex can be.

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Racy Chat

Whoopi who is currently 61, during her interview with co-hosts Joy Behar 80, Sunny 54, Sara 45, and Alyssa 34, didn't hold back any details as she explained her experience with pool sex.

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Water Resistance

According to her, sex in the pool is trying to go up the hill and you're getting resistance from the water within, and trying to get anything to stay would be very hard.

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Joy's Intervention

Before Whoopi could elaborate further on how unpleasant the experience could be, Joy Behar quickly jumped in urging her to change the topic as they were on live television.

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Producer's Cut

Just after Joy's Intervention, the producer who was left shocked at Whoopi's vivid details quickly called for a commercial break to calm the atmosphere.

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Enraged Whoopi Goldberg

Not surprisingly, Whoopi was not happy with this, as she expressed her views by saying 'You want me to engage but cut me short when I start engaging'

Media Credits: People

One last joke

Before the commercial break, Joy heartily said that the producers and other co-hosts were scared of what next would come out of their mouths as they don't have the experience they had.

Media Credits: People

Final Laugh

This earned a laugh from all present. As Whoopi added that if Sunny 54, had not done these things then she Whoopi was a natural blond.

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