Fans Worried As 'Whoopi Goldberg' Goes Missing From 'The View' Promo

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Fans began Speculating.

After a concerted promotional video of 'The View' wherein Whoopi Goldberg was found absent, fans instantly started speculating. Though Whoopi earlier confirmed a new season, fans were anxious she could not be a part of the 'The View' series.

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Whoopi Goldberg's Status

Since the entire cast of 'The View' is on break till the show returns in September, devoted fans are coming with their concerned point on the status of Whoopi Goldberg. She is greatly absent from the promotional video for Season 27.

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Whoopi was Absent

There was dropped teaser promo video on Wednesday, though; Whoopi was not there in the video. Instead, there were only hosts such as Sunny Hostin, Joy Behar, Alyssa Farah Griffin, and Ana Navarro. Catch the latest glimpses from Factswow.com and stay in touch with us.

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Where is Whoopi?

During the season 27 promo video of 'The View,' Ana asked where Whoopi Goldberg was when the co-hosts shared their perspectives on what fans can expect for the season. Fans have expressed concern that this might show the end of Goldberg's tenure on the show.

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Fortunately, Whoopi showed Face.

Gratefully, Whoopi showed her Face that peered around a camera. After that, she said to the fans that she was right there. We will watch everybody in the forthcoming. Let's keep talking and cheering.

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Fans were relieved.

Fans were feeling relieved after seeing Whoopi's Face. They also shared how scared they were. Whoopi has become a staple show member since 2007. Get the trending stories from Factswow.com and stay connected for more interesting tales.

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A comment on Anna's Instagra

In response to the Instagram promo clip of Ana's 'The View' season 27, a fan commented, 'Whoopi, you petrified the crap out of me once I did not see you till the end of the promo. Come on, girlfriend; please do not do that.

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Chris Sapphire

Chris Sapphire of 'The Circle' fooled her also. He mentioned that child; why have you all got me? I was like, wait. Where is Whoopi? Love you all. Whoopi's disappearance from the promo video triggers a lot of fans to comment on the post and ask for her presence in 'The View show.

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Fans showed Excitement on Whoopi.

One excited fan commented on Ana's Instagram promotion of 'The View' season 27, 'Cannot waittt! You had us on edge thinking Whoopi wasn't coming back, but you're our favorite cast ever! I have been watching you forever.'

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The little Promotion Clip

he short promotional clip for 'The View' has a huge reassurance that the show will continue as scheduled despite the strikes by SAG-AFTRA and WGA. With so much uncertainty about which shows will air this fall, television fans are on edge waiting for concrete news about their favorite programs.

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Writers Disappeared In May

For the show 'The View,' the writers vanished in May and have yet to return. Following the terms of the strike, the writers could only go back to work once the contract and agreement had been found suitable in the industry.

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