26 Jul, 2023


What do you know about Monay? Does she relate to Claim to Fame?

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Claim to Fame!

Claim to Fame is a reality T.V. competition series that premiered on ABC on 11th July 2022. Kevin Jonas and Frankie Jonas hosted the series, and the second season premiered in June 2023; for more updates, check factswow.com

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Who is Monay?

For most of the competition, she is portrayed as the comedian, actor, and television presenter Steve Harvey's daughter. She is connected to a different comedian and actor. Since she and Shayne teamed up as masterminds early in the game, Monay has been one of the more cunning rivals on Claim to Fame.

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Contestants revealed!

Five participants have been announced for Claim to Fame: Cole (half-brother of Alicia Keys), Jane (niece of Dolly Parton), Travis (son of Neil deGrasse Tyson), Shayne (daughter of Eddie Murphy), and Carly (niece of Tom Hanks).

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Monay’s Claim To Fame season 2 clues!

Monay claimed that her father, an athlete who won an Emmy, is a celebrity relative in the Two Truths and a Lie part of Claim to Fame season 2, episode 1. She then admitted that her tactic was to lie.

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J.B. Smoove's daughter!

Jerrica Brooks, a comedian and actor is the mother of Monay. J.B.'s name is Jerry Angelo Brooks. Thus, the two realities that Monay said were that her father had won an Emmy and was an athlete. Additionally, J.B. frequently sports a fedora.

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Post on Instagram!

There is no indication on Monay's Instagram page or in her postings that she is linked to J.B. J.B., though she is a fan of her account. J.B. also writes about Monay on his Instagram page, where he honors her on National Daughters' Day and other occasions, which is revealed on factswow.com.

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Fantastic Job, Monay!

On Claim to Fame, Monay has done a great job of keeping the name of her famous family a secret. If Gabriel gives her tip to anyone aware of the actor who appeared on Saturday Night Live and Curbed Your Enthusiasm, they will have no trouble determining that she is J.B.'s relative.

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