Usher and Keke Palmer Heat Up the Screen in New Song ‘Boyfriend’

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Usher and Palmer are no strangers to the music industry. Usher is a Grammy winning singer with songwriter and dancer who has sold over 75 million records across the world and Palmer is a multi talented actress, singer and host who has also starred in movies.

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The two have collaborated before on the song SUPERSTAR from Usher 2004 album CONFESSIONS and now they have reunited for a new song and music video BOYFRIEND which was released on 15 Aug 2023.

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Video Details

The music video for this song is a steamy and glamorous affair that showcases the chemistry and the performance of them and the video starts with Usher driving a red sports car in desert while Palmer waits for him in a hotel room.

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They meet up and head to a casino where they dance and flirt with each other and also enjoy a romantic dinner, a helicopter ride and a pool party and the video ends with them kissing passionately in front of a fountain. The video was directed by director X and they wore various outfits throughout the video ranging from casual to formal to sexy and some of the outfits were leather jacket, a white suit, a red dress and a bikini.

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Song Details

The song is a smooth and catchy R&B track that explores the theme of having a secret lover and the song was written by Usher, Palmer, Jermaine Dupri, Bryan Michael Cox, Johnta Austin and Manuel Seal JR. The song has a mid tempo groove and a melodic hook and the lyrics are suggestive and playful.

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Some of the lines are “You know I got a girl at home. But she don’t do it like you do. You are not my man but you are my boyfriend. You are not my girl but you are my girlfriend. We do not need labels. We just need each other.”

Media Credits : Business Insider India

Fans Reaction

The song and its video have received positive reactions from fans and critics and media in which many have praised their chemistry and vocals and some have also commented on how good they look together and how they wish they were a couple.

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Usher and Palmer have delivered a hit with their new song and have a proven that they are still relevant and versatile artists who can make great music together.

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