04 Aug, 2023


Unseen pictures of Gigi Hadid's daughter Khai were revealed!

By FactsWow Team

Adorable photos!

On Monday, the model posted several cute pictures of her summer trips with Khai on Instagram. One Direction alumnus and singer-songwriter Zayn Malik and Hadid are parents to the 2-year-old.

Media Credits: Harper's BAZAAR

Enjoying summer!

With her mother, Khai is shown chowing down on summertime goodies, including ice cream bars, fresh blueberries, and pancakes sprinkled with candy of various colors.

Media Credits: Page Six

Outfit of Khai!

Khai is shown in a fairy-like garment with a rainbow tulle skirt, leaning over a boat and looking out over the lake. On another occasion, she wore semi-distressed blue jeans and a pair of checkered lavender rain boots.

Media Credits: Glamour

Love of motherhood!

Hadid shared on Instagram in May, 'I ADORE MOTHER LIFE! The day following Mother's Day, Hadid posted, 'Respect and love to all the mommies out there (and) hope (you) had the finest day being recognized yesterday. What a gift (and) rollercoaster it is to raise a (small) human, she continued. My own is the greatest delight and love of my life.

Media Credits: ELLE

Hadid and Leah McCarthy were arrested!

After arriving on a private jet, Hadid and her companion Leah McCarthy faced a baggage search, and when 'a small amount of marijuana was recovered,' they were detained on July 10.

Media Credits: Vogue

Offenses sentenced on them!

According to court records acquired by factswow.com, they were punished for importing both a drug utensil and a restricted substance.

Media Credits: E! Online

Both were fined!

According to a statement released by Customs & Border Control, Hadid and McCarthy were fined $1,000 Cayman Islands Dollars after appearing in court on July 12. No conviction was noted.

Media Credits: Twitter

Feel guilty!

A Cayman Islands Judicial Administration spokesman stated that the two had admitted guilt and had already paid their penalties.

Media Credits: Los Angeles Times

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