07 Apr, 2023


Unbelievable! Discover The Shocking Cause Behind William H. Macy's $600,000 Lawsuit

By FactsWow Team

'Shameless' star William H. Macy is facing a hefty lawsuit for allegedly cutting down his neighbor's trees without permission.

Media Credits: Page Six

According to court documents, Macy instructed his landscapers to chop down trees past his property line, causing damage to his neighbor's property.

Media Credits: Oscars Wiki-Fandom

The incident reportedly occurred in December 2021, resulting in the destruction of several healthy, mature pine trees and other vegetation.

Media Credits: Yahoo

In accessing the Brown Property, Macy's workers damaged the gate that connected the two properties.

Media Credits: Yahoo

Although Brown was on vacation at the time, he claims Macy acknowledged the workers' actions the following month.

Media Credits: Variety

Brown is now seeking $600,000 in damages for loss of property value, loss of use and enjoyment of his property, a loss of privacy, an increase in noise, as well as emotional distress, irritation, annoyance, and discomfort.

Media Credits: Yahoo

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