06 Apr, 2023


Trump Jr Shares An Alleged Biden Campaign Judge's Daughter Photo

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Trump's campaign

According to Trump Jr., Merchan worked on Biden-Harris' presidential campaign. Merchan appeared in a Breitbart article on Tuesday.

Media Credits: CNBC

Message On Twitter

The former president's eldest child, 45, wrote on Twitter and Truth Social that there were more connections in this Democrat show trial. 'The BS never ends, people.

Media Credits: New York Post

Digital Agency's Campaign

Authentic Campaigns, a digital agency geared toward progressive political campaigns, listed Loren Merchan as a Democrat on a 2020 honors list by Campaigns & Elections.

Media Credits: Campaigns&Elections

Who Are On The List?

Cory Booker and Hakeem Jeffries also appear on Authentic's list of previous clients, along with the Biden-Harris campaign and Kamala Harris for the People.

Media Credits: New York Post

Campaign History In The Past

As a presidential candidate in 2016, Trump, 76, made hush-money payments to 'three individuals,' which led to falsifying business records, and was charged with 34 felony counts.

Media Credits: The Conversation

Threatening Message

According to independent correspondent Richard Hall, Trump's online diatribes threatened the Manhattan district attorney's office, the justice system, the courts, and the office.

Media Credits: NPR

A Wrong Decision

Before his indictment last week, Trump had professed his desire to kill Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg, which he illustrated with a controversial photo of himself in which he held a baseball bat to Bragg's head.

Media Credits: WWMT

Criticism Towards Trump's Update

However, Judge Merchan did not issue a gag order for Trump or his lawyers to refrain from discussing the case publicly even though he criticized Trump's blusterous posts.

Media Credits: News18

Representation Of The First Pic

The president called Merchan and his family 'Trump-haters' in his first remarks following his arraignment last night at Mar-a-Lago.

Media Credits: The Hill

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