09 Jan, 2023


Tristan Thompson's Mother, Andrea Thompson, Unexpectedly Passed Away

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Andrea Thompson died of heart attack

Andrea Thompson suddenly developed a heart attack in her Toronto residence, and the athlete quickly rushed to Toronto to support his family during this grieving incident.

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Khloé and Tristan landed

Khloé and Tristan were photographed arriving by private plane in Toronto.

Media Credits: Us Weekly

Kris tribute to Andrea

Kris posted a slideshow of memories with a touching statement after learning of her passing, wishing Tristan and his brothers Amari, Deshawn, and Daniel all the best.

Media Credits: The US Sun

Kris called her wonderful grandmother

She called her the most incredible, committed, loyal, selfless mother and a wonderful, loving grandmother.

Media Credits: Cosmopolitan

Tristan's mother's day tribute

Tristan frequently attended his mother's activities because they were close. In 2022, he paid tribute to his mother and told NBC Sports that his motivation came from his family, particularly his epileptic brother Amari.

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A private funeral arranged

A private funeral has been arranged, and the Kardashian family is expected to attend the funeral.

Media Credits: Page Six

Andrea sacrificed the life of her sons

Andrea Thompson sacrificed a lot to monitor his special child 24*7 which she devoted her life and freedom.

Media Credits: NY Breaking

Mother's day post

Tristan dedicated a special tribute to his mother on 2020 mother's day, where he wished her and praised her for lifting his life high and thanked his mother for all the sacrifices she made for herself and his brothers.

Media Credits: Pinkvilla

Tristan lucky to get Andrea

He added that she was lucky to get a mom like her and called her a superhero.

Media Credits: Pinkvilla

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