Tori And Zach Roloff Share Sad Health News About Their Son Jackson

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Posted on: 28 Jun, 2022

Tori stated beside a photo of the child lying in his hospital bed

Tori stated beside a photo of the child lying in his hospital bed, 'Today has been one of the most difficult days I've ever experienced. It is never easy for a parent to witness their kid suffering. We believe his physicians and our Lord, however, that this was the right option for him.'

Jackson was born with dwarfism in 2017

Jackson was born with dwarfism in 2017, and Tori and husband Zach Roloff acknowledged to Us Weekly a few years later that he had not experienced any serious health difficulties. 'He's had a couple of ear infections, which are typical in people with dwarfism.'

Zach explained

'There are a lot of possibilities, but it's too early to know,' Zach added. 'We actually have the same physician for him that was my pediatrician when I was younger, which has been very great since he's experienced with dwarfism and those kinds of things.'

As the 'Little People, Big World' star added

According to the 'Little People, Big World' star, it might be difficult to locate a doctor with the necessary expertise in Portland, where the family resides. Tori mentioned that the pair had been 'blessed' so far.

The operation went well

Even though the operation went well, it appears that young Jackson's rehabilitation is taking longer than his parents would want.

The recovery from Zach and Tori Roloff's young son

The recuperation from Zach and Tori Roloff's infant son Jackson's recent leg surgery is taking longer than the pair expected.

During an upcoming episode of the hit show 'Little People, Big World,'

During a forthcoming episode of the hit program 'Little People, Big World,' Jackson's parents acknowledge the child is 'having a hard time' after getting the treatment in December 2021, prompting Zach and Tori to become concerned.

Entertainment Tonight shared a clip

Entertainment Tonight uploaded a video of Tori saying, 'There is truly something wrong with Jackson.' 'He isn't progressing like they thought he would,' the concerned mother adds.

Jackson appears to be in pain

Furthermore, Jackson looks to be in discomfort, prompting his mother to schedule another doctor's visit to ensure that his limbs are not severely harmed. Tori believes Jackson's healing is merely taking its time for whatever reason.

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