03 Aug, 2023


Tony Bennett's 'True Friend' Lady Gaga shares emotional tribute

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Loss of a great vocalist

Woman Crazy honored the incredible vocalist Tony Bennett, who died on July 21 at 96.

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Missing the companion

In an Instagram post on July 31, Woman Crazy said she would miss her companion everlastingly and 'miss singing with him, recording with him, chatting with him, being in front of an audience together.'

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Post a picture of both

A picture of Tony and Gaga embracing is included in the post. The entire Lady Gaga post on Tony Bennett can be found here. Get more exclusive news from factswow.com.

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Missing on the stage

With Tony, I got to carry on with my life in time travel. Tony and I had this supernatural power. I will miss singing with him, recording with him, chatting with him, and being in front of an audience.

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Genuine in the relationship

As a singing team, we moved to a different era, modernized the music together, and gave it all new life. However, it wasn't an act.

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Life with quality

She described how he taught her 'about music, about showbiz life,' and 'how to keep my spirits up and my head screwed on straight.' 'Go straight,' he would say. He was hopeful; he had confidence in quality work and quality life.

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The higher difference in age

She wrote that they were friends despite their age difference. He was my friend, even though we had been together for five decades. My only real friend.

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Life of different people

Our age distinction didn't make any difference - truth be told, it gave us something neither of us had with the vast majority. We were completely inspired because we came from two distinct life stages.

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Loss of Tony Bennett

Crazy forged ahead with a close-to-home note, 'Losing Tony to Alzheimer's has been agonizing; however, it was truly lovely.

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Safeguarding the respect

A period of cognitive decline is a particularly holy time in an individual's life. There's such a sensation of weakness and a craving to safeguard respect.

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Recollecting the cherishes

All I needed was for Tony to recollect the amount I cherished him and that I was so thankful to have him in my life.

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Faithful words from the vocalist

The Hold My Hand vocalist asked the world not to limit our older folks, 'Don't leave them behind when things change.

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Special learning from the elders

Do not recoil when you feel miserable; continue; bitterness is essential. Taking care of your elders will teach you something special. Perhaps even magical.

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