15 Apr, 2023


Tom Sandoval On Howie Mandel's Podcast: Exciting Things

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The Idea Was Unknown To Howie Mandel

Having agreed to interview Tom Sandoval, Vanderpump Rules star Howie Mandel had no idea what he was getting into.

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Relationship With Raquel Leviss

As a result of announcing that he had an affair with Raquel Leviss, the Tom Tom owner ruffled a few feathers.

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Tom Is Still Determining The Idea

The truth is, Tom has no idea how passionate Bravo fans can be, even though he's entitled to share his side of the story.

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Released Was Scandoval

The Bravosphere was hit hard when Sandoval was released because Tom and Ariana Madix had been together for nearly a decade.

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Work Began For Arianna

When Ariana began working at SUR, they grew closer after they met at Lisa Vanderpump's restaurant Villa Blanca.

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Collaboration On A Cocktail Book

Having bonded over their love of mixology, they have shared dogs, bought a house in Valley Village, and written a cocktail book together.

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Tom And Raquel's Relationship

The relationship between Tom and Raquel has been turned upside down by how she wormed her way into his heart.

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He Is Doing The Best He Can

As Vanderpump Rules season 10 catches the fallout, Tom is doing what he can to keep his face straight.

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Problems With Intimacy

As he revealed that he and Ariana had been experiencing intimacy issues, Tom did not hold back when airing his dirty laundry.

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There Were Difficulties For Ariana

He told Howie and Howie's daughter Jackelyn Shultz that he and Ariana had difficulty connecting over time. 

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Things Were Toughened Up

Adding that he tried to toughen things with Ariana for her brand, Tom would do the same.

Media Credits: Us Weekly

An Impressive Couple

According to Tom, he and Ariana knew that because they were a powerful couple, they had to look good in every way.

Media Credits: Us Weekly

Blamed Almost Exclusively

Ariana was almost entirely blamed for Tom's cheating and his concerns about turning 40 during the interview.

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The Right Choice For This Position

According to co-star Lala Kent on Instagram a day after Tom's first interview about the affair, Howie was not the right choice for the job.

Media Credits: Diply

Intensely Uncomfortable

When Tom confessed he had not faced backlash like this since joining Vanderpump Rules, he said he was extremely uncomfortable.

Media Credits: Us Weekly

Relationship Definition

Neither Tom nor Raquel wanted to define their relationship, so they talked about how they were just 'good friends' right now. 

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