29 Jul, 2023


Todd and Julie Chrisley go to prison for bank fraud and tax evasion

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A close relation to the popularity

Todd Chrisley accepts he's being dealt with uniquely in contrast to the remainder of his kindred detainees in government jail; furthermore, he thinks his popularity closely relates to it.

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Acceptance of VIP status

Chrisley's lawyer, Jay Surgent, Todd accepts his VIP status has brought about a few odd events while secured at FPC Pensacola in Florida in any event, letting us know Todd thinks somebody snapped his picture while he was dozing.

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Without having any idea

He also guarantees he hasn't been getting any mail and believes it's getting eradicated; however, he does not know the thought process for somebody doing that.

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The horrible situation

Jay lets us know Todd's everyday environments are horrible, as well, guaranteeing the spot is tormented by awful pipes, conceivable form, and no A.C. to assist with combatting the severe intensity. Get into factswow.com for more information.

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Battle for the better half

He additionally asserts that his better half Julie's battling with also awful circumstances over at FMC Lexington, KY, where she's doing her time.

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All being equal, a rep for the Department of Penitentiaries lets us know the security of detainees is a main concern, and the two jails have 'alternate courses of action to address an enormous scope of worries including ventilation temperatures.'

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Attempt for the application

In any case, Jay says Todd presented an application to attempt to get exchanged over to home imprisonment.

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A very difficult time for Chrisley

Worth a shot, yet that appears to be improbable, considering the reality that the Chrisleys are doing a difficult time.

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Prison for the couple

Todd and Julie answered to their prisons in January - - Todd got a 12-year sentence, while Julie got seven after the couple was sentenced in their bank misrepresentation and tax avoidance case.

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Arrangements for the investigation

We're informed that the arrangement is to investigate all lawful roads to address the jail conditions.

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