25 Mar, 2023


Things You Need To Know About Rosalia's Fiancé Rauw Alejandro

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Mixtape Of Rauw Alejandro

A new artist is making waves in the music industry: Rauw Alejandro. A mixtape he released in 2016 was called Balance Point, which blew up the Latin music scene.

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The Award Nomination

Best Urban Music Album nomination for the album at the Grammys in 2020. Billboard's Top Latin Albums chart showed Visa Versa as the No. 1 album in 2021.

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Top Four Nominations

The song was nominated for four Billboard Music Awards in 2022: top Latin artist, top Latin male artist, top Latin album ('Vice Versa'), and top Latin song ('Todo De Ti').

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Engagement Announcement

With an engagement, among other milestones, Rauw had a banner year in 2023! In their music video 'Beso,' released on Friday, March 24, Rauw and Spanish singing sensation Rosalia announced their engagement.

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A Big Surprise For Fans

They surprised fans with a proposal as part of the accompanying video to their collaboration, the first single off their upcoming album R & R.

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Expressing Love

'Malamente' hitmaker ended her video by showing off her gigantic sparkler, wiping away a tear from her eye and saying, 'Oh my God, I love you.'

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Alejandro Didn't Pick The Music

In the past, Rauw dreamed of becoming a soccer star, according to All Music. He grew up playing the sport and was quite good at it at Maria Auxiliadora School. 

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Reason To Quit The Game

When he was 20, a knee injury caused him to withdraw from the game, but he turned to music, his hobby, and became a chart-topping musician.

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Collaboration With Big Stars

Despite being still a rising star, Rauw has already been a guest artist on Selena Gomez's first Spanish-language project, Revelation. 

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Next Album With Shakira

He was featured on the second track, 'Baila Conmigo,' a single from Revelation. His next No. 1 spot was as a featured artist on Shakira's 'Te felicito,' which he co-wrote in April 2022.

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An Interview with The Singer

The singer's producer, Tainy, 32, raved about him in an interview in January 2022. 'He's just a really exciting artist,' he said. 

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Seeing The Growth

It is incredible to see what he does, what he can do, his melody and tone of voice, how he thinks about what moves to make, and what the crowd will do. 'It's crazy how fast he's growing.'

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Multi-Talented Rauw

In addition to his competitive soccer skills and crowd-pleasing performances, Rauw also acts, so there is nothing that he cannot do. 

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The Netflix Drama

Sky Rojo, a Spanish language drama series on Netflix, is his debut acting project. It is expected to air on Netflix in 2022.

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Self-Advocacy Is His Forte

Rauw appears to be quite active online and has accumulated 14 million followers on Instagram, but he does not think social media is beneficial. 

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Jhay's Overreaction

A fan beef he had with fellow Puerto Rican rapper Jhay Cortez overreacted, he said in an interview. There are a lot of haters and exaggerators on the internet these days. I'm at peace with the world.

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A key To Rauw's Heart

The handsome hunk has been dating Rosalia since the summer of 2021, and they're about to walk down the aisle together.

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