The real Housewives of New York Dorinda Medley Net Worth - $20 million

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Posted on: 28 Jun, 2022

Introducing the famous personality

The Real Housewives of New York City star Dorinda Medley is an American socialite. New York City knows her as a generous and compassionate figure who has been very open about her troubles.

Overwhelmed fans

Her fortune came from being a socialite, entrepreneur, and, naturally, from her appearance on RHONNY. It is heart-wrenching for her fans when she mentions her beloved late husband, Richard Medley, on the show.

Stunning Medley 

A self-made woman, Medley has a strong sense of conviction. With her fiery and robust personality, she captured the audience's attention.

Challenges she faced

Dorinda grew up in the Berkshires, Massachusetts. After graduating college, she moved to New York City and was employed by Liz Claiborne in the showrooms. In London, she met her first husband, settled, started a family, then started her own cashmere company, DCL cashmere.

Single mom and children

Her daughter Hannah was born after a decade in London, and she divorced. After living in New York City as a single mom for a few years, she moved back to the city.

The marriage sequences

The couple met and married Dr. Richard Medley, both former Washington power brokers and speechwriters for members of Congress like Geraldine Ferraro and Brad Pitt.

Social service by the couple

They raised funds for charitable causes together and worked with celebrities such as Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie along with Bill and Hillary Clinton and Bishop Desmond Tutu.

A loss that cannot be replaced

Dorinda lost her husband Richard Medley when he passed away at age 60 after they had been married for six years. At this point, Dorinda began to embark on an entirely different phase of her life.

The beautiful family

To cope with the radical changes caused by losing a big part of their lives, Dorinda and Hannah found hope in each other and their families and friends. No one will ever be able to replace the role of his husband, friend, companion, and father.

What comes after?

Eventually, Dorinda Mahdessian met her then-boyfriend John Mahdessian, owner of New York's legendary couture restoration house Madame Paulette.

Her favorite charity trusts

As an aerobics instructor, creating and touring brought her great joy, as well as great success.

How is she doing now?

The best weekends and holidays for Dorinda involve excellent company, home-cooked meals, and those special touches she is known for.

Net worth at present - $20 million

She has an impressive net worth of $20 million, thanks to her interactive workout class, Dorobics, RHONY, and her work as a real estate broker.

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