09 Mar, 2023


The On-Camera kiss Confirms Avril Lavigne And Tyga's Relationship

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Relationships Might Appear Random At First

Tyga and Avril Lavigne's relationship is one of the most random news stories of the day for anybody who knows them. 

Media Credits: News24

Their Relationship Is Supported

In the last few days, these music stars have been seen at Paris Fashion Week shows supporting their relationship.

Media Credits: POPSUGAR

Major Events Were Never Missed

The couple never missed a major event together, and they were usually seated next to each other, but there was still uncertainty about their relationship. 

Media Credits: POPSUGAR

Tyga Approached When This Picture Was Taken

There was a brief moment when the paparazzi surrounded them when the key moment occurred. There was a photograph taken when Tyga approached Avril Lavigne and kissed her passionately. 

Media Credits: Flipboard

An Agreement Was Reached With Tyga

After Tyga was confirmed to be dating Avril Lavigne, Mod Sun was not having a good time after the news of her engagement with Avril Lavigne. 

Media Credits: www.gente.com.ar

Tweets Contained Cryptic Messages

The 'Flames' rock star tweeted a few cryptic messages to thank his friends. The news of his ex prompted many fans to send messages of support. 

Media Credits: GALA.de

It Was A Short Engagement

The split between Lavigne and Mod caused a lot of controversies. Mod Sun and Avril Lavigne's engagement ended quickly when reports confirmed they abruptly called it off. 

Media Credits: Yahoo

It Even Surprised The Representative

Sk8er Boi was rumoured to have met Tyga and had a torrid affair with him then. A Mod Sun representative was even surprised by Lavigne's announcement while Mod Sun was on tour. 

Media Credits: News.com.au

A Decision Needs To Be Made Clear When Made

Mod Sun and Lavigne's engagement ended suddenly, though it's unclear when the decision was made. 

Media Credits: Lyrics Story

There Was An Entry By Tyga

Apparently, Lavigne was quite happy when she got engaged in March 2022. However, as soon as Tyga entered the picture, things changed.

Media Credits: Times of India

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