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The ‘Golden Boy’ Takeouts: Shanna Moakler Opens Up About Sexual Assault Allegations And Oscar De La Hoya’s Affairs

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The Golden Boy

Oscar holder of De La Hoya does not feel bashful from his several controversies, made from Part 2 of ‘The Golden Boy’ with his former girlfriend, Shanna Moakler. The couple plays an influencing role in discovering various connections and more.

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HBO Documentary

In the second half of the movie’s HBO documentary, currently airing on the Max channel, a retired boxer reminded the setting eyes of the Moakler in the 90s for the first time. You can see the full overview on factswow.com with its latest updates.

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De La Hoya’s Thoughts On Moakler

De La Hoya expressed his thoughts by saying he was a little kid at the candy store, retreating with famous celebs. There are women all over the place – beautiful women. Though, he saw only her – A blonde-haired, beautiful girl. Slender, tall, and resembles a silhouette. I appeared like a ghost.

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Hoya Dated First American, Moakler

De La Hoya said that Shanna Moakler was the first American he had dated. She was Miss USA and a great actress. From East for a little Mexican, he said, ‘Whoa, this will improve or help my career growth.’ Learn interesting stories from factswow.com and stay informed!

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Moakler Met A Soulmate

Moakler said she once ‘met her soulmate’ while crossing paths with an athlete. She added that he was fun and made her so beautiful. She fell in love with Hoya. The duos wasted no time since they began dating. They went into a loveable romance for six months and then gave birth to a girl child, Atiana.

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The couple’s Big Hurdle

The big hurdle for the couple came when the ex-girlfriend of De La Hoya claimed that he was the father of Jacob, her son who gave birth in February 1998. Read the full story from factswow.com and stay tuned with trending news.

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Hoya mistakenly fathered another Son

The same year, a child named Jacob gave birth, and De La Hoya unmistakably fathered another son. A baby boy gave birth in November 1988, and Angelique McQueen came frontward and disclosed they’d a child named Devon after spending a one-night stand.

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Hoya struggled with substance Abuse

Since De Le Hoya struggled with Substance Abuse, Shanna Moakler claimed that he became a different individual when he opts a drinking habit.

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Hoya’s Was Found In Rape Case

Moakler chase Hoya in a nightclub. The Security guards saw her out the back door so they couldn’t catch them. She heard that Hoya was suspected of Rape by a woman in Mexico. He denied the rape charges when the woman filed a lawsuit case against him after turning 18.

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Moakler to Recall Another Allegation

Moakler and Hoya spent Christmas in the vicinity of Palm Springs. Hoya’s friends attended a party at the house in Bel Air. Hence he was hurt, left, and went to the party. This was Christmas time, and another woman suspected him of rape accusation at the residence place.

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Hoya Married Corretjer in 2001

De La Hoya and Corretjer tied the knot in 2001 and welcomed three children before revealing it quits in 2016. Through the marriage, Hoya didn’t disclose about their son, Devon, and was found cheating with a Russian dancer named Milana Dravnel.

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