18 Mar, 2023


The Family Suspects Tammy Is Pregnant After The Wedding

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She Might Have Been Pregnant

Tammy Slaton, a member of 1000-Lb Sisters, tied the knot last November, but her Kentucky family is concerned she was possibly pregnant when she did.

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The Perfect Match

She may have had ulterior motives when she married Caleb Willingham, but when the news of their marriage broke, it seemed like a match made in heaven.

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The Clip Was Shared As A Preview

ET shared a preview clip from a forthcoming episode of the TLC reality show that shows Tammy Slaton's family extremely concerned about her.

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Tammy Appears To Be Pregnant

Tammy's family members are asking her a question they are all desperate to know, as cameras zoom in to reveal Tammy appears pregnant.

Media Credits: The US Sun

Refusal To Change Their Minds

She looks puzzled as she responds, 'We're not having a shotgun wedding.' But the Slaton kin refuses to change their minds.

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A Family Is Being Started

She then insists that the line of questioning is 'crazy,' despite not mentioning starting a family with Caleb.

Media Credits: Us Weekly

God Saved Tammy. Thank You

In the confessional, Amy Slaton Halterman is seen thanking God for saving Tammy from becoming an aunt. Amy goes on to tell Tammy to get on birth control.

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Finished Filming Tammy's Drama

TLC confirmed that they filmed the drama of Tammy and Caleb's wedding day at the rehab center, where they held an intimate ceremony.

Media Credits: Soap Dirt

Families Gathered Around Them

As Tammy shared at the time, she and Caleb were surrounded by their families and nurses during their final days.

Media Credits: In Touch Weekly

Bringing Tammy's Ideas To Life

This reason was the driving force behind Tammy and Caleb's choice for their wedding day because of the family they formed in the medical center.

Media Credits: The Blast

A Recent Post By Tammy

Currently, Caleb and Tammy are focusing on losing weight together. Tammy recently shared that she had been discharged from Windsor Lane Health Care and was returning home.

Media Credits: Showbiz Cheat Sheet

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